Cannabidiol is derived from the industrial hemp plant. The substance is infused into a wide range of products, which include oil. CBD is effective in treating cancer symptoms. CBD alone may not cure cancer, but when used with other treatment options, it can improve the effects of the latter. So CBD is a possible complimentary treatment option.

Standard chemotherapy drugs have certain side effects, and CBD has the potential to manage these effects. CBD’s side effects are negligible. For cancer patients, it does not pose any major side effects. CBD products containing THC can be beneficial for cancer patients who have frequent vomiting and nausea, particularly when these are owing to chemo.

There is currently no big clinical trial looking into the consumption of cannabinoids for cancer. There are pilot studies, but pieces of research into the matter are in the early phases. There is a need for more studies on CBD’s effects on cancer. These are things that we have highlighted in our fact-rich posts.

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