CBD – A Cure for Cancer

CBD And Its Medical Applications
CBD And Its Medical Applications

For a while, we all have been hearing about CBD and its medical applications. But actually what is CBD, and what are its implications? CBD is basically a substance obtained from hemp plant, which is a strain of the cannabis plant. The distinct feature of CBD is that it does not create a ‘high effect’ on users like that of marijuana. CBD does have many medical implications such that it can be used for treatment of insomnia and chronic pain. The most attractive claim of CBD is that it can be used for treatment of cancer.

It is not yet sufficiently evident that it is a perfect cure for cancer, yet, it is clinically proven that it can be used to reduce the suffering of cancer patients. CBD can be used to treat cancer in many ways such as:

To reduce symptoms

CBD can be used to reduce symptoms or ill effects of cancer such as nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness etc. Proper quantity of CBD infused into patient’s body will help the body to relax and helps to overcome such troubles.

To reduce pain

Cancer causes unbearable pain to a patient. Both the disease and its treatment cause pain. During chemotherapy, a procedure to cure cancer, the patient will have to go through tremendous amount of pain. Is proven that CBD itself is a good painkiller and can be used to treat chronic pain.

To prevent cancer

CBD claims that use of it in a small dose helps to reduce and alleviate growth of cancer cells. From the studies conducted by a Cancer Institute, it is evident that use of CBD can reduce the development of cancer cells.

The role of CBD in treatment of cancer is unavoidable. Even though it has much usefulness, the result on use of CBD depends on type of CBD used, its quantity and its dosage.