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Good Quality CBD

CBD has become a household name at this point. We see innumerable billboards and mall kiosks, with marketers seeking for your attention to have a look at their new product. Even hopping onto your web browser or your social media handles will greet you with loads of “influencers”, speaking all things nice about the new CBD face cream or the CBD muscle relaxant that they have been trying.

The boom of the CBD industry was nothing short of the word sudden. It was only a decade ago that most of the world looked the other way when it came to CBD and hemp derived products. Over time, however, world governments came to their senses and passed bills that legalised the natural medication. The new entrant to join this distinguished circle of CBD legal countries was the United States via recently enforcing the Hemp Act 2018.

All is good, but from the perspective of the customer, this produced a dilemma. Customers now had to choose through shelves full of CBD products, with most of them not having a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of picking good quality CBD products. As a consumer, you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t go ‘100% natural’ as many CBD manufacturers label on their products. Let us see what those are:

The Benefits Of Going 100% Natural

The idea of involving CBD to enriching your life is just as important a step as to choose high-quality, natural products. The same way how people pick out the freshest of products and food produces, the ones that have the least amount of toxins, one must pick the best CBD products to get the most out of CBD therapy. Some of the reasons cited for going CBD natural are:

A Desire To Know Exactly What You Are Putting Into Your Body

You must know exactly what you are putting into your body; plain and simple as that. You know all too well what hemp plant is, you know what CBD is, and you know of the various carrier oils like coconut and MCT. If the labelling of your CBD product reads more like a concoction of various chemicals and compounds, emulsifiers and artificial aromatic substances, then the chances are that what you are holding is far from 100% natural CBD.

Follows A Standardized Content

When beginning a new therapy or a treatment, one key factor that determines the effectiveness is the consistency. You must have the same amount or concentration, in the same way, all the time to deliver prime effectiveness to you. Ensuring that CBD products are natural and have no toxins or impurities in them go a long way in ensuring that you come up on top of the therapy and that you are able to get the best out of it. A natural, consistent CBD product ensures that you have a standardised dose.

Lessens The Risk Of Contact With Harmful Chemicals

This comes as obvious. Taking supplements and products that have no toxins or harmful additives in them, makes sure that you are away from harm’s way. Ensuring that you only buy from respected, transparent CBD suppliers and manufacturers is a way to make sure that you only consume what is healthy, and also at the same time can hold them accountable in the case of the CBD oil being contaminated.

You Won’t Taste The Chemical

There is a reason for washing vegetables, actually two. First, is to ensure that none of the pesticides and insecticides are ingested. Second, to ensure that there is no chemical taste to the food. If you want your CBD products tasting clean, then it starts with you finding good natural products.

Takes It Easier On The Environment

If you have been a strong advocate of protecting the environment and preventing the pollution of the soil and rivers, then it makes more of a sense to go for a 100% natural hemp based CBD product. Since there is an absence of toxic pesticides and insecticides, the chances of these being flushed away to the river or contaminating the soil and the underlying groundwater are nil. The simple decision of yours to choose a natural CBD product can make a difference and ensure manufacturers tweak their processes to meet the ‘natural’ demands of the consumers; they will have no option but to switch to better and safer practices.

There are no risks to going natural in the case of CBD. Usually, CBD natural products generally have a shorter shelf life than their impure counterparts and are slightly more expensive. The sole reason for this being that the hemp yield is lower and there is a significant loss of the crop in the hands of the farmers.

Do your bit, and choose to go CBD natural. You deserve better and you can be well sure that Mother Earth would like it as well!