Significance Of CBD Oil Potency

Strength Of CBD
Strength Of CBD
Strength Of CBD
Strength Of CBD

Market experts predict a surprising growth for the CBD industry that could reach $20 billion by 2014. The compound derived from the hemp plant gained a prominent position after it was legalized in 2018, and since then there was no turning back.

CBD oil is a popular CBD product that has high demand in the market due to its high potency and appreciable versatility. But what does potency mean in the first place? It refers to the amount of CBD contained in the CBD oil, and the value might be different for different CBD oil brands. Higher the potency, more effective is the CBD oil.

How Is The Strength Of CBD Oil Measured?

CBD oil can belong to any of the three spectrum options, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate, and determining the potency of CBD oil is not easy as you think it might be. The list of ingredients provided on the product label will give you a rough idea about the strength of CBD in the oil but that cannot be regarded as a solid statement of potency by volume. Potency measurements are often complicated due to the lack of an industry standard for the measurements.

What Strength Can Be Regarded As High Potency?

The Weedmaps Ph.D advisor considers 50 milligrams of CBD per milliliter to be high potency and the concentration will set the cost of the CBD oil at a price range of about $100.

The effects that CBD oil produces depends on the spectrum option it belongs to. Full-spectrum and broad spectrum products offer better therapeutic benefits than CBD isolate.

Guide To Potency Levels

Potency levels can vary according to the concentration as well as the spectrum option of the CBD oil. You can map CBD oils into high, mild, or low potency levels based on the CBD oil concentration.

Low potency (10 mg per mL)

It is a general recommendation that new CBD users usually start with low potency CBD oils. Low potency oils are generally used to enhance general health and reduce daily stress levels.

Mild potency(500 mg per 30 mL)

Mild potency options can be selected by people who fail to get the desired relief from low potency formulations. They can handle general conditions like pain, anxiety, etc as well as chronic conditions like arthritis.

High potency(1000 mg per 30 mL)

Products that fall in the high potency category are usually used to treat intense pain symptoms, migraines, sleep issues, high levels of anxiety, stress, etc. If you are a first time CBD user, it is better not to start off with high potency right from the beginning itself.

Even if the CBD oil brand of your choice promises appreciable potency, it is important that you ensure that the promised potency levels are maintained by checking the product label and lab certification of the CBD oil.