What Is the CO2 Extraction Method For CBD?

CO2 Extraction Methods
CO2 Extraction Methods
CO2 Extraction Methods
CO2 Extraction Methods

Millions of people around the world are currently using CBD products for alleviating several health disorders. There are several types of CBD products available in the market. Have you ever wondered how they are made?  CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using several extraction methods like solvent extraction, olive oil extraction, CO2 extraction, steam distillation, etc. Among them, the CO2 extraction method is most commonly used by CBD manufacturers.

CO2 Extraction Method

The CO2 extraction method utilizes supercritical CO2 for separating cannabinoids from the plant material. This is one of the most common CBD extraction methods used by reputable CBD manufacturing companies.

The process of CO2 extraction uses three glass chambers. The first glass chamber contains pressurized CO2. The second chamber is utilized for holding the raw plant material. In the case of CBD extraction, the plant material would be hemp. The third chamber is for collecting the CBD extract.

CO2 extraction starts with the pumping of pressurized CO2 to the chamber that holds the raw plant materials. The supercritical CO2 will break down the hemp and the CBD will get separated from the plant material. The CBD and CO2 will be pumped to the third chamber where the CO2 will get evaporated and the pure CBD extract will be left at the bottom of the chamber.

What Are The Benefits Of CO2 Extraction Method?

The CO2 extraction method offers a lot more benefits than other extraction methods of CBD. That is why many of the reputable CBD manufacturing companies use the CO2 extraction method even though it requires a huge investment.

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This might be one of the greatest advantages of CO2 extraction method. The resulting extract of the process does not contain any toxins. That means the CO2 extraction method allows us to make high-quality CBD products. The supercritical C02 is used in the extraction process and the CO2 will be fully evaporated in its final stage, leaving behind pure CBD extract.

Professional Manufacturing

The CO2 extraction method needs advanced equipment, professional knowledge, and experience for extracting CBD from the hemp. Therefore, it cannot be done at your home. The CO2 extraction method is mainly used for the industrial manufacturing of CBD products.

Pure CBD Products

Using the CO2 extraction method allows us to have cleaner CBD extract that ensures high-quality CBD products.  You won’t find any spores, residues, chlorophyll, or insects in CBD products made with CBD oil that is extracted using the CO2 extraction method.