CBD For Cancer Patients – Is It Effective?

Hemp Massage Oil
Hemp Massage Oil
CBD For Cancer Patients
CBD For Cancer Patients

A disease which involves certain abnormality in cell growth together with the possibility that it can spread to other body parts, can be called as cancer. Globally accepted and known treatment for cancer is radiation, chemotherapy, surgery etc. Although they help ease symptoms, these are expensive and painful. This brings us to a less painful and inexpensive cure to most common symptoms of Cancer – CBD. Marijuana and hemp are known to be two prime sources of CBD. Let us see how much effective CBD is in treating cancer.

Treatment of Cancer

Studies that were conducted proved that CBD has the powers and properties of reducing the growth of tumor. Additionally,consumption of CBD enhances the effects of the drugs used in cancer treatment. It should be duly noted that, CBD for cancer patients is sure to help ease its symptoms; however, it cannot be treated as a substitute of cancer treatments.

Complementary Cancer Treatment

It is a well-known fact that, few of the cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can cause side effects. For instance, these treatments may leave the patients with loss of appetite, nausea or even weight loss. Researchers of CBD for cancer patients suggest that it could ease these symptoms. Some of the products available in the market today have FDA approval. Furthermore, marijuana based drugs have got their approval to treat nausea, vomiting etc. which are side effects of the chemotherapy treatment. Yet another drug claiming to ease symptoms is a mouth spray with THC and CBD as its ingredients.

Preventive for Cancer

The studies conducted in this regard have come out with mixed results. When used in mouse, researchers found that CBD has the power to suppress the immune system. This made the model vulnerable to other cancer variants. Talking about preventing cancer and its symptoms, it is true that the researchers have a long road ahead of them.

Side Effects Of CBD Usage

The World Health Organization reported that CBD is safe for consumption. It also explained that the side effects are a result of the other medications which is being taken adjacently. Although generally safe and fit for consumption, the CBD has certain side effects such as: tiredness, appetite change, weight change, diarrhea etc.

Choice Of CBD Based Products

Despite the fact that it is a natural substance, due and diligent care must still be taken before consuming this product.  Most popular problem faced by customers today is mislabelling. Health claims associated with a majority of the products available online are false, says studies. If the product claims to be hemp derived, then its THC content must be nothing more than traces. On the contrary, if the product claims to be marijuana derived, the product may include sufficient THC. It is always advised to skip the products which make unbelievable claims.